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The Finance Committee studies and recommends policy for the prudent management of Foundation funds in consultation with the Foundation’s investment advisor. Finance Committee members and the Treasurer regularly review the expenditures and investment of the Foundation accounts to ensure compliance with the Foundation mission and investment policies.

Jorge Cestero, Chair
Steve Arnold
Sandy Dolowitz
Cary Mogerman
Larry Moskowitz
Mark Sessums

Forensic & Business Valuation Division

Larry Moskowitz, Co-Chair
Jay Fishman, Co-Chair
Stacy Collins
Ron Seigneur
Briggs Stahl
Eleanor Stegmeier


The Fundraising Committee develops and plans programs and activities to raise the funds necessary to carry out the mission of the Foundation. The Committee recruits sponsors for Foundation events at the Annual and Mid-Year meetings.

Brian Vertz, Co-Chair
Mark Sessums, Co-Chair
Cary Cheifetz
Renee Chernus
Sylvia Goldschmidt
Meighan Harmon
David Hofstein
Jacqueline Kemp
Larry Moskowitz, Ex-officio
Gary Rosen


The Grants Committee screens applications for grants and makes recommendations to the Board for annual awards to grant applicants based upon the Board’s grant award policy.

Jorge Cestero, Chair
Michele Bissada
Robert Brandt
John Durward
Jay Fishman
Donn Fullenweider
Twila Larkin
Larry Moskowitz
Eleanor Stegmeier
Julia Swain

Joanne Ross Wilder Memorial Lecture

Anne Lamkin Durward, Chair
Leigh Kahn
Elisha Roy


Anne Lamkin Durward, Chair
JoAl Cannon Sheridan
Joy Feinberg
Sylvia Goldschmidt
Jim McLaren
Anita Rodarte


Planned Benefactors Recognition

Planned Giving

The Planned Giving Committee works to encourage AAML Fellows to make planned gifts to the Foundation through their estate plans recognizing those who do so.

Suzanne Harris, Co-Chair
Anita Rodarte, Co-Chair

Joy Feinberg
Twila Larkin
Larry Moskowitz, Ex-officio



Ric Roane, Chair
JoAl Cannon Sheridan
Anne Durward
Allan Mayefsky


The Publicity Committee coordinates publicizing the work of the Foundation both to the Fellows of the AAML and the public at large, and also helps publicize to the Fellows our fundraising efforts.

Cary Cheifetz, Co-Chair
Renee Chernus, Co-Chair
JoAl Cannon Sheridan
Helen Davis
Francesca O'Cathain
Elisha Roy


The Sponsorship Committee seeks and facilitates sponsorships including for our March and November meetings.

Larry Moskowitz, Chair
Anne Durward


David Griffin, Chair
Twila Larkin
Brian Vertz
Richard West
Natalia Wilson

Annual Meeting Committees


The Auction Committee solicits auction items and coordinates the auction at the annual November meeting.


2020 Lifetime Member Luncheon

The Lifetime Member Luncheon Committee coordinates all aspects of the Lifetime Member Luncheon held in Chicago during the AAML annual meeting.

Larry Moskowitz

2020 Reception

In coordination with the Fundraising Committee, the Reception Committee coordinates all aspects of the Reception held in Chicago during the AAML annual meeting.

Larry Moskowitz , Chair
Meighan Harmon