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Donor Spotlight - Mike Albano



1.     Why do you give to the AAML Foundation?

Mike: I contribute because the Foundation is doing exactly what I promised the AAML Fellows the Foundation would do when I was President of the Foundation. Contribute grants to organizations that help children get through the trauma of divorce.

2.    What makes you support the Foundation, versus other organizations which might solicit donations from you?

Mike:  The Foundation through its grants is helping children all over this country. It is also upholding its commitment to the Loeb Family to present a grant to an outstanding family law student at the University of Wisconsin Law School.

3.    How do you see the Foundation growing and changing in the years ahead?

Mike: This is difficult to answer because the Board of Directors and its officers are doing a fantastic job right now.  Innovative, business like and compassionate! It is always looking for new ways to obtain donations and to contribute to the organizations that help children. Children have always been a priority for me and my family.