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Jay E. Fishman Admitted to the AAMLF Forensic & Business Valuation Division

AAMLF's Forensic & Business Valuation Division recently admitted Jay E. Fishman, FASA, as one of 28 Charter Members from one of only 28 Charter Members from across the nation.  Charter Members were selected on the basis of their national reputation, achievements in litigation support, forensic accounting and business valuation, as well as their having a history of serving AAML Members and their clients in complex financial matters during divorce proceedings with a commitment to integrity in that process.  

Jay E. Fishman, FASA

Jay E. Fishman is the Founder and a Managing Director of Financial Research Associates.  He has been actively engaged in the appraisal profession since 1974 and has been qualified as an expert witness on business valuation in 11 states.  He frequently serves as a Court-appointed expert.

Mr. Fishman has taught courses on business valuation for the IRS, the AICPA, and the National Judicial College.  He is Past-Chair of the American Society of Appraiser’s Business Valuation Committee.  He is the co-author, with Shannon Pratt, of The Guide to Business Valuation and co-author with Dr. Pratt and William Morrison of "Standards of Value, Theory and Applications.”   

Founded over 30 years ago, FRA provide financial services, including business valuation and engagements, forensic accounting and litigation support in marital dissolution matters, shareholder disputes and other litigation or non-litigation settings where such services are needed.

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