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The Leonard Loeb Scholarship

The Leonard Loeb Scholarship is awarded to University of Wisconsin Law School students who demonstrate outstanding qualities and achievement in their law school career and an interest in the practice of family law. The following law students have been awarded the Leonard Loeb Scholarship:

2007 - Rachel Abhold
2008 - Elizabeth Stockbridge
2009 - Megan Phillips
2010 - Nicholas Flannagan
2011 - Danielle Wampole
2012 - Cary Bloodworth
2013 - Holly Wilson
2014 - Michael Levy* and Katelynn Williams
2015 - Fiona Frimpong and Clorissa N. Santiago
2016 - Chelsea Fischer
2017 - Tiffany Fameree
2018 - Kelsey Mullins
2019 - Dania Khan



*Mike Levy is the first child of an Academy Fellow to win the scholarship.