Foundation Governance

Executive Committee  

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Officers of the Foundation and Counsel and serve a two-year term.  The Officers are voting members of the Board, are expected to chair a Foundation Committee and attend monthly Executive Committee meetings, as well as monthly Board meetings.

Brian C. Vertz


Jorge M. Cestero


David N. Hofstein

Immediate Past President   

Anne Lamkin Durward


Cary B. Cheifetz

Assistant Secretary

Mark A. Sessums

Assistant Treasurer

Board of Directors

The Foundation Board of Directors establishes policy and oversees the activities of the Board Committees in fulfilling the mission of the Foundation. The Board members are also actively engaged in raising funds to award annual grants for education and programs assisting families and children affected by separation and divorce. Each Board member serves on a Foundation Committee and is expected to attend the monthly meeting of the full board and the Annual and Midyear AAML Meetings. Board Members also support the Foundation through Lifetime Membership and other financial contributions during the year.  

JoAl Cannon Sheridan

(November, 2021)

Brent A. Cashatt †

(November, 2021)

Renee R. Chernus

(November, 2021)

David W. Griffin *

(November, 2021)

Twila B. Larkin

(November, 2021)

Gary M. Rosen

(November, 2021)

Jacqueline L. Kemp

(November, 2022)

Francesca M. O’Cathain

(November, 2022)

Elisha D. Roy

(November, 2022)

Julia Swain

(November, 2022)

Richard West

(November, 2022)

Brian L. Sobol

(November, 2023)

Eleanor A. Stegmeier *

(November, 2023)

Bruce R. Steinfeld

(November, 2023)

Natalia C. Wilson

(November, 2023)
* 2nd Term AAML President Appointee  

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee advises the President and the Executive Committee The members are appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.