F&BV Member Opportunities

F&BV Membership Information

The AAML Foundation established the Forensic & Business Valuation Division to permit forensic experts and business valuation professionals of unquestioned integrity and professionalism to partner with the AAML Foundation and facilitate its philanthropic goals. The Division initially consisted of 28 Charter Members and is now expanded to a total of 40 members. 

Applying to become a member of the Forensic & Business Valuation Division is easy. Follow the steps below: 

50% or greater of his/her practice is in the field of matrimonial law including business valuation, forensics, tax and/or litigation support; and
He or she is in good standing with all professional organizations with whom he or she is affiliated and has not been subject to any professional discipline. 

  • The applicant must provide references from the following: 

 Two (2) or more Fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers; or
One (1) or more Fellows and one (1) or more Members of the Forensic & Business Valuation Division of the AAML Foundation.  

  • The applicant must provide a current copy of his or her curriculum vitae; and
  • The applicant must pay a $50 non-refundable application fee.  Check payable to AAML Foundation and mailed to: 

AAML Foundation
Attn: Kimberley Scott
321 N Clark Street, Suite 1200
Chicago, IL 60654

When membership in the Division is approved, new members shall agree to make a $3,500 initial donation to the Foundation together with an annual donation of $1,000. Additionally, F&BV members shall review and sign the F&BV Policies annually. F&BV members are provided complimentary admission to the AAML Foundation Annual Reception and Lifetime Members Luncheon and may attend the AAML Annual meeting and social events as paying guests, in November. Division members are also able to attend the AAML Mid-Year Meeting in March as paying guests.  

The names and contact information of the F&BV Division are linked from the Foundation website to the member’s own website. The Foundation holds regular video conference meetings and informal gatherings for the Division to discuss issues relating to Family Law and forensic accounting and valuation issues.  

There is no better way for a service provider to show their support of the work of the Foundation than becoming a member of the Division. If you have any questions about the membership process, please email Kimberley Scott at kim@aamlfoundation.org.

The current list of Members of the Division is available here.